Did you know that’s 80% of all web search are health related? And that a physician on average spends 18 seconds to determine a patient’s condition?

It’s clear that there is a need amongst patients for time, information and competence so they can make better and more educated decisions about the most valuable asset in their life – their health.

And that’s where the Health Coach comes in. As an integrative Health Coach, I’m both trained in and inspired to show people ideal circumstances to take care of their health, using a holistic approach. Im very excited to utilize my knowledge from 25 years in the healthcare system, working as a registered surgical nurse, in combination with my training from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, my enthusiasm for staying fit and my desire for food. ..Delicious, nutritious food.

See, “our passion is fueled by our heart. Our heart is fueled by our body. In that perspective, nutrition is not about health, but heart. By fueling our bodies in an educated way, we increase the level of heart in society. The result is more love – for ourselves, and those around you”. (Magnus Ravenberg)

Through workshops, one on one coaching, group dinners and community work, my vision is to instill and cultivate passion for fueling our bodies, so that we can do and be what our heart desires!

❤ Janina

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