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Hi I’m Janina!

Hi I’m Janina!

This is when I knew…

I had to give a five minute talk, on any subject, in preparation to teach a group of nurses. I chose toxins as my topic. After enthusiastically going over my time five minutes.. then 10 minutes,, the moderator waved his hands in the back and pointed to his watch. It was then that I knew I was passionate about sharing information about health and wellness.

As a nurse, I’ve always been asked questions about what to do about this and that, and I’ve often offered a more holistic approach. By nature, I was always drawn to the earth, been fascinated by all that it provides and ancient cultures who used earth plants to heal, cure, sustain and maintain their health.  I’m continuously disturbed by the long list of medications patients are put on without regard for their contributing factors such as diet, lifestyle, sleep and stress.

There are many who have taught me….A nutritional scientist friend taught me to eat my meals on a bed of lettuce and always have a plate full of vibrant color. My mom had an amazing garden, filled with fruit and veggies, and I loved gardening with her and watching her cook what she grew. In 2017, I graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and continue my education, in this field if discovery,  as often I can.

I am grateful to all those who share with me and guide me and l look forward to  continued growth together.

Today I want to share my passion for wellness and I hope to help people maintain their health by getting back to nature, living active lifestyles and doing things that keep us balanced and bring us joy.

I look forward to our journey…


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